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Benefits of Outsourced Billing

We become your billing management team, focusing on cash flow, accurate coding, denial management, patient and payer collections, revenue cycle management, and reporting

Why outsource your billing and collections to a professional medical billing company?

Less time and money spent hiring and training billers

It’s time-consuming and expensive to hire, train and manage in-house billing resources. When you outsource, we manage all of those details.

  • Covering sick and vacation time of billers so there’s no downtime

  • Eliminating the need to send in-house billers to costly seminars

  • Ensuring that billers are up-to-date on the latest billing requirements

Less money is spent on labor, computer systems, and billing supplies

There are operating costs associated with billing in-house. When you outsource, you’ll spend less money on the following:

  • Employing and managing billers

  • Buying, upgrading, and maintaining a billing computer system

  • Basic supplies like paper, forms, statements, and postage

Greater focus on revenue cycle management

In a practice, there are a number of clinical or clerical duties that may distract an in-house biller. When you outsource, our knowledgeable and experienced billers focus only on billing and collections in a business-oriented environment.

  • Claims and receipts are processed weekly

  • Follow-up on all claims at approximately 45 days

  • Activity and delinquency reports for each provider sent routinely

  • Approved delinquency letters sent to patients

Fewer phone calls to and from your office.

A large percentage of time on the phone is spent discussing billing issues with insurance carriers and patients. When you outsource, all those calls get routed to us for detailed resolution and follow-up outside your office.

To learn how you can partner with MED Management to outsource your medical billing

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